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7 unmissable places in the paradise of Sharm El Sheikh

Discover the Beauty of Sharm El Sheikh: A Paradise of Luxury and Adventure

Sharm El Sheikh impresses with its variety of modern tourist facilities and diverse offers of recreational activities. The destination is famous for its relaxing atmosphere, magnificent beaches and impressive coral reefs. It is an ideal resort for lovers of snorkelling and diving.

For a luxury getaway, here are 7 great places not to be missed in the paradise of Sharm El Sheikh!

1. Luxury Beach Resorts

Choose from an exclusive selection from Karpaten Turism, luxury resorts with quality facilities and services, spacious rooms and private beaches, which satisfy the most demanding tastes, for an unforgettable vacation.

2. Cruising and Diving in the Red Sea

Combine adventure and relaxation on a private Red Sea tour, a scenic cruise with stops to admire the underwater life and luxury surrounding the resort.

The destination is recognized as one of the top diving destinations in the world, offering amazing opportunities to explore underwater life.

Scuba - Red Sea - Sharm El Sheikh,Egypt

3. Desert Safari

Experience an adventurous day on Safari. Ride an ATV through the desert, visit a Bedouin village, ride a camel, enjoy a traditional dinner and enjoy a Bedouin show under the starry sky.

Safari ATV - Sharm El Sheikh

4. Shopping in Old Town

Step into the authentic atmosphere of Old Market, where you’ll find traditional shops offering unique souvenirs and local products. An authentic shopping experience in a picturesque setting.

5. Visit to Al Sahaba Mosque

Explore the beauty and cultural significance of the Al Sahaba Mosque, a place of prayer and a magnificently illuminated tourist attraction at night. A foray into the heart of Islamic traditions.

6. Farsha Cafe – As in a 1001 nights

End the day in a fairy tale atmosphere at Farsha Cafe, where you will feel the charm of the stories of 1001 nights. An oasis of relaxation with spectacular views and culinary delights.

7. Club Pacha – Vibrant Atmosphere

Experience the vibrant atmosphere of the evenings at Club Pacha, located in the Old Town of Sharm El Sheikh. With catchy music and infectious energy, this club is a must-see destination for nightlife lovers.


If we have piqued your curiosity, come and discover the luxury and fun of Sharm El Sheikh. The evenings spent in the luxury resorts and the shows offered by them will make your vacation an unforgettable memory.

Sharm El Sheikh is more than a luxury resort; it is a destination that skillfully combines adventure, relaxation and culture. It opens the doors to a fascinating world of unique experiences, inviting you to discover its incomparable joys.

Book your holiday to Sharm El Sheikh now, follow Travel Bizz Magazine posts for new travel ideas.

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