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Home » Blog » Visit Transalpina, The King’s Road | ROMANIA  

Visit Transalpina, The King’s Road | ROMANIA  

Journey Through Transalpina Romania’s Stunning Landscapes

Located in the heart of Romania, the Transalpina Road, also known as “The King’s Way” or “The King’s Road” is an absolute gem that should be on every travel enthusiast’s must-visit list. It is widely regarded as one of the most breathtaking drives in the world as it winds its way through the stunning Carpathian Mountains, treating you to awe-inspiring views at every twist and turn.

Transalpina, Romania – travel video

The road itself offers a diverse range of experiences; from invigorating mountain air to expansive landscapes that seem to stretch forever and quaint little towns sprinkled along its path. Every bend reveals a new perspective, unveiling fresh stories and further exemplifying Romania’s incredible beauty.

Transalpina, Romania
Transalpina, Romania – drone photo by Nelu Gheorghe

So whether you’re an adventurous soul yearning for exploration or simply someone seeking an unmatched driving experience, The road eagerly awaits your arrival. Come discover Romania and let this majestic “King’s Way” serve as your guide.

Transalpina - foto din Drona
Transalpina – The-King’s-Road

Connecting four counties: Gorj, Vâlcea, Sibiu, and Alba, this road crosses the Parâng Mountains from south to north.

On a length of about 20 km, in Gorj and Vâlcea counties, you can enjoy impressive views from the height, where the road passes close to peaks such as Dengheru and Păpușa.

Transalpina - foto din Drona
Transalpina – the road passes close to peaks such as Dengheru and Păpușa.

Discover a whole new level of beauty, history, and culture with an unforgettable journey through Romania and its breathtaking road!

🌄 Invitation: Travel enthusiasts, pack your bags and set your GPS to Romania! The Transalpina Road promises a journey you’ll cherish for a lifetime.

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